Gruppo Europa was born in 1995, in the Assistance field, as manager of some branches of a large multinational company, and  today is a company operating throughout the national territory. The idea of developing a franchise network for assistance to immigrants born in January 2004. In this date made his debut the most simple, the most innovative and the most forward-thinking idea: give a competent and serious response to immigration world. Its ability to act as a single user interface, able to meet the different needs of individuals and companies, puts Gruppo Europa as a reference point in the service sector. This is possible thanks to a solid team of consultants who work with great professionalism and expertise to a single mission, build on the success of its customers.

Thanks to a solid experience, constant updates on the evolution of regulations and knowledge of the different territorial dynamics, our team is able to offer targeted advice and expert assistance:

Foreigners and Italians who faced  with the world of immigration

Personalized advices, formalities, resolution of critical issues with any legal support, we give assistance to all foreigners who want to come to Italy or have to regularize their personal situation, to those who need special documentation, administrative assistance and tax to those who, for reasons of travel, but not only, must obtain visas, health insurance policies,  guarantees in a very short time.

Italian citizens who travel abroad

To all those who travel in Europe and the world for work, study, vacation, both for short term and for long time periods, we offer detailed advice and insurance coverage, support and document procedures for obtaining visas and necessary documentation.

Carers and families with household staff

An increasing number of families who rely on the care of Italian and especially foreigners  assistance to family members (children and elderly),  pets, or  home. With a caring and professional approach we are able to put together supply and demand of labor, helping families to find reliable and referenced people. We offer consultancy in the field of employment contract for hiring these professionals, we develop contracts and payroll, by regularizing the tax positions of the parties, and we handle disputes.

For companies with foreign employers and staff  traveling abroad.

All companies that  deals with foreign firms, or simply have their own personal traveling abroad,  who have to bring in Italy business partners for  practices, who need to participate in meetings, conferences, trade fairs, who have to hire foreigners or form at the Italian branch corresponding esters, we can find qualified advice on the opportunities offered by the legislation. We offer assistance for the identification of practices to develop, support for the resolution of any problems, document procedures and issuance of documentation needed for each situation.

Look at the dedicated areas to discover in detail all the services we offer and do not hesitate to contact us for a personal consultation.